Saturday, February 25, 2012

Peanut On A Saturday

You would think by now Mama would know
the computer is MINE!!

Mama said, "PEANUT!! I can't see what I'm
trying to type!

It's a little hard to type with
one hand!  I give up!  She said.

Did I hear right?  Did she say she gives up??
Hooray me, Super Peanut cat has won this round!
It's nap time now!

When there are no more challenges, what else is
there to do but to take a nap??


The Bear's Blog said...

Yippee, Peanut 1, Human ZIP. (o:


Becky~ said...

Hi Iris!I hope your having a lovely saturday.

Peanut is like my kitty,up close and too personal right???haMine kitty loves to lick the computer screen,I think he likes vinegar maybe lol.


By the way your hands look lovely.Im looking at mine and they are just so bad.Dry and broken nails and hands.I cant wait til they get looking better.

Brian said...

Very clever you are handsome Peanut! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Mr Puddy said...

Great job Mr. Peanut !
Paw up for you : )
Have a purrfect day

BeadedTail said...

Yep, that's right Peanut! My mommy doesn't give in so easy though so my naps get postponed a lot.


The Chair Speaks said...

Peanut, so nice of you to give your secretary a break from work! LOL!

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Peanut... do you know how to type? Might not be so wise to frustrate your typist...just saying.

Have a great Sunday... The Academy Award party starts today at my place. Stop by.

pawhugs, Max

Jacqueline said...

Oh I love that!
When there are no more challenges what else to do but take a nap. Peanut, you have the answer to everything.
I totally understand, if you can't beat mama, join her and win!

(Thank you for your love poured out to me Iris, what a big darn bump in the road. Feels bigger than a pothole!)

Katnip Lounge said...

Peanut = 1
Mommy = 0


Kjelle Bus said...

ConCAtulations for winning over your mom :)

Debra Taylor said...

Peanut is so wonderful!
great photos!
thanks for commenting on my blog, Iris

Au and Target said...

A well deserved nap! In our house everything belongs to Au.

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